About us

"Just  so,  your  light must shine before others,  that  they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father". Matthew 5:16).


The Holy Land Sounds sees music as the most powerful instrument that can affect people and reach their souls.

Its goal is to lead a kind of revolution in the world of religious songs as a way to revive it after a long period of "hibernation" especially in the Holy Land and to help each person see the Kingdom of Heaven which already exists in their own heart.

It is the first of its kind as a Christian production institution which aims to promote Christian music & video and It is located in Nazareth the home town of our Lord Jesus.

The Holy Land Sounds seeks to make the world know the true face of life in the Holy Land. 


The story of  "The Holy Land Sounds" -  A seed that turned into a big tree.

The Holy Land Sounds is run by Luai Zaher & Rabab Zaitoun who founded it in October 2006.

When they first met they had been trying to find the right way to serve the Lord through their lay lives. It all started with the simple idea of releasing a CD of Christian hymns as a spiritual instrument for touching the hearts of the local Christians in order to bring them closer to God and prayer. But it was obvious that the Lord had a much bigger mission for both of them; they started to think of Christians abroad who also needed this kind of evangelization which would be more powerful when brought to them by people from the home land of Jesus.

When God blesses and approves a project all things around start moving in the same direction in order to support and help achieving the goal.

The pair of dreamers turned into a group of volunteers who were ready to do anything to see their dream come true. However, there was still something missing. They needed the blessing of Holy Mother Church; they didn't need to wait too long. After a very short time of instituting The Holy Land Sounds, Fr. Elias Daw (a Melkite Catholic priest) joined the group and became their spiritual director. He is a great blessing for the institution and dedicates a lot of time for leading them in the right direction which is fulfilling God's will.


World Youth Day and Catholic Festivals:

They have taken part in different religious festivals and celebration including the World Youth Day in Madrid 2011 and Rio de Janeiro 2013, in which they were chosen to represent not only the Christians of the Holy Land but also all the Arab Christians especially in the Middle East. They made the English and Arabic versions of the official hymn of Madrid 2011, and the Arabic version of the official hymn of Rio 2013. In Madrid 2011, Rabab sang the official hymn in Arabic and English during all the celebrations, and she also sang the communion hymn during the final mass with Pope Benedict 16th. It was the first time in the history of WYD that an Arab singer sings during the celebrations and the first time that the official hymn is sung in Arabic. In Rio 2013, Arabic became part of the international version of the official hymn. Rabab sang the 6th verse in Arabic during the final mass with Pope Francis.



Saints are a blessing from heaven that Rabab and Luai cherish. They made the reception songs for the relics of St. Therese Baby Jesus (2011) and St. Don Bosco (2013) during their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. They also made the reception song for Pope Benedict during his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2009.

Year of Faith:

In 2012, they were appointed by the Catholic Churches Council to make the official Arabic version of the official hymn for the Year of Faith 2012 - 2013.


International Center Marie of Nazareth:

In 2011, they made the Arabic version of a multimedia show in which the visitor goes on a spiritual journey through the centuries, from the Creation to the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rabab sang all the songs in the Arabic show which are also used in other versions.




World Youth Day Rio 2013, The official Arabic version

An Application for praying the Rosary in Arabic – (Apple and Android) 2013

A DVD - Thoughts of Mary Crucified Jesus 2013

The Reception song for the relics of St. Don Bosco to the Holy Land 2013

Year Of Faith 2012 – 2013, The official Arabic version

A hymn for Beatified Mary Crucified Jesus 2012

World Youth Day Madrid 2011, The official English and Arabic versions

The Reception song for the relics of St. Therese Baby Jesus to the Holy Land 2011

The Reception Song for Pope Benedict 16th in the Holy Land 2009

An audio CD for the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary with International Marian Hymns in Arabic 2009


Ya Laytani (I Wish) CD 2007